Welcome to dirtdash.cc, the home of a series of gravel and bikepacking events across the UK. We have won three awards in the 2015 bikepacking.com Awards for Best New RouteBest New Ride and Big Trip, so you are in good hands!

‘undoubtedly a challenge, but my riding buddies and I came away from it with good memories, new friends and a real sense of achievement. Traipsing across country by bike, camping and getting caked in mud with friends is definitely my idea of fun, and I can’t wait to do it again.’Laura Laker, The Guardian 

‘Dorset’s Dirt Dash was full of laughter, sunshine, beer and friends from across the world.’Patrick Joscelyne, off-road.cc 

‘it’s not just the landscape and the route, but the people it attracts. It’s the teams of volunteers manning the water stations who make you want to stay and chat, the new friends you pick up along the way, and the old ones too.’‘ Sam Jones, Cycling UK

‘I wasn’t expecting much from the Surly Dunoon Dirt Dash beyond some people riding bikes on endless gravel roads and if I’m being honest, I was worried that I’d have little to write about. Thankfully the experience was much more than that.’ Jason Miles, Singletrack 

‘The sheer variety of terrain is impressive with a lot of “this is a bit like…” going on, and you do get to see a hell of a lot of countryside in a hundred odd miles. The constant rolling mix of landscape is a whole lot nicer than a century of gravel, that’s for sure.’ Jo Burt, road.cc 

‘The pace of the ride was not important and neither were the average speeds. We all knew that we would reach the end together and that was what was important.’‘ Graham Cottingham, Mostly By Bike