Surly sponsors the Dunoon Dirt Dash

Photo 10-08-2019, 15 50 04

The Surly Dunoon Dirt Dash is a somewhat unique cycling event for experienced and newbie bike-packers in coastal Scotland. You get 81 wild miles over two days, with a remote campout/party next to a castle by the sea.

We are stoked that Surly Bikes will be the headline sponsor for this year's event. It’s born out of two well-known bikepacking minds: Markus Stitz, who cycled round the world on a Surly Ogre singlespeed, and Charlie Hobbs, who generally cycles to the pub on a fixed wheel Surly, but has also headed up the Surly Dorset Gravel Dash for years.

Markus was unavailable for comment, as he was busy riding the Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan. However, Charlie says: 'We are turbo jazzed to have Surly onboard with the Surly Dunoon Dirt Dash. You see there is really no other bike manufacturer quite like Surly. If you want to have an adventure, Surly have a bike for you. They gave the world plus bikes, fat bikes, bikepacking bikes … and they know how to get down, ride their bikes, and have a good time. Join us, it will be a great weekend and a great adventure.'